Dear Friends,

365体育滚球Thank you for visiting us virtually. Our most sincere wish is that you and your loved ones are well.

Whether you are in New York City or around the world, we hope that you are safe at home.

365体育滚球As a community, the best thing we can do is look out for one another, by protecting our health and the health of those we love. We are stronger when we work together: stay home, today, so we can be back together soon

365体育滚球In the weeks to come, we will bring you creative ideas to help keep us connected, healthy and productive. From New York City to the world, we’ll share little bits of joy from our community, wrapped in moments of happiness and levity.

Please keep in touch. We look forward to seeing you again, in person, in a not-too-distant future.

With love,

Hudson Yards

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